Basic construction of air conditioning device for electric vehicle

Electric vehicle air-conditioning refrigeration system mainly by the refrigeration cycle and electrical, control two major components:

(1) refrigeration cycle mainly by the compressor, condenser, liquid storage dryer, expansion valve, evaporator, infusion (gas) hose, as well as fan (condenser fan, evaporator fan). One condenser and condensing fan can be independent, can also be composed of condensing machine about, evaporator, cooling fan, expansion valve, thermostat and resistor, etc. can be together to form a cold air blower or evaporation chamber. There are also some pressure regulating components that also have a refrigeration cycle.

(2) Electrical and control part: mainly including power switch, electromagnetic clutch (it is generally integrated with the compressor), fan switch and resistors, a variety of temperature controllers (or thermostat), high, low pressure switch, idle relay, acceleration delay, vacuum valve control and operation devices.