How to open air conditioner at home

As the temperature rises, parents are puzzled, worried that the air conditioner blows the baby, a families would rather sweat than open air conditioning. The baby also because too hot, eat bad sleep not fragrant, irritability. In fact, the home has a baby can also be healthy to open air-conditioning.

The living room opens the air conditioner, the bedroom doorway puts the electric fan. The living room opens the air conditioner, the bedroom opens the door, will have a certain cooling effect, but due to two of space poor air circulation, cooling effect is limited, you can put a fan at the door of the bedroom, both use can increase the amount of air flow, so that the air conditioner blowing air conditioner faster with the atmosphere in the bedroom mixing, play a role in cooling.

Put a thermometer in front of the bed. Infant subcutaneous fat layer is easy to dissipate heat, room temperature is too low, temperature will decrease, room temperature is too high, may have dehydration hidden danger. Therefore, parents may wish to put a thermometer in the bedside of the child, temperature control in 22 most suitable.