Service and Maintenance

2017 JinZhuan Xiamen Summit Vehicle Operation Guarantee Work Complete Success

"JinZhuan" countries meeting in Xiamen on September 3-5, 2017 attract worldwide attention in the beautiful Xiamen, Xiamen Kinglong joint automotive co., LTD., Xiamen Kinglong bus co., LTD., provide vehicles for this conference, SONGZ automotive air conditioning co., LTD., as the main component suppliers of vehicles involved in operating security during the summit. The bus service department  try their best to bring their subjective initiative into play, and cooperated with the main engine plant to ensure the successful operation of the designated vehicle.


To protect “JinZhuan” successfully held and ensure the summit we configure the vehicle safety and stable operation of air conditioning, and deployment under the guidance of the leadership of the company, from service vehicle configuration, services, personnel arrangement, accessories reserves to draw up a detailed plan and implement effectively, ensure the timely and effective handling the service problems. The service vehicles will be debugged on August 1, and the bus Xiamen service center and the service personnel of the service station will conduct a thorough investigation and maintenance of the safety of the air conditioning vehicles.


From August 25 to September 6, the mission security was completed, and the bus service department dispatched staff to the Xiamen meeting of the Kinglong automobile group to coordinate the command of the vehicle service guarantee headquarters; The bus Xiamen service center and the service staff cooperate with the main engine factory to check the air conditioners of the vehicle. The service personnel carried out the smooth operation of vehicle air conditioners during the “Jinzhuan” meeting with the extremely responsible spirit and exquisite maintenance technology.



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