Air-Conditioning for Tram Cab KLDR04BCB Cooling Capacity 4.5kW Roof Mounted Easy for Installation

Air-Conditioning for Tram Cab KLDR04BCB Cooling Capacity 4.5kW Roof Mounted Easy for Installation
Air-Conditioning for Tram Cab KLDR04BCB Cooling Capacity 4.5kW Roof Mounted Easy for Installation Outline and Installation Dimensions
Product Details

Air-Conditioning for Tram Cab KLDR04BCB Cooling Capacity 4.5kW Roof Mounted

Easy for Installation


Roof-mounted Compact Unit

External Dimensions(L×W×H)

1437×472×690 (mm)

Cooling Capacity

4.5 kW

Heating Capacity

4.0kW(Heat Pump)/2.0kW(Electrical Heater)

Air Volume

Supply Air: 700/550/400 m3/h(3 steps); Fresh Air: 60 m3/h

Rated Power Consumption

2.3 kW(Cooling)/2.2kW(Heating)

Design Condition

Outdoor: 35℃ DB, Indoor: 25.8℃ DB, 66.6% RH(Cooling)
Outdoor: 7℃ DB,87%RH,  Indoor: 20℃ DB, (Heating)

Limiting Ambient Temperature

45℃(Full Load)

Power Supply

Main Circuit: 3 / 380V AC / 50 Hz, Control Circuit: DC24V

Number of Compressor



115 kg

Housing Material

Aluminum Alloy

EMC/EMI Standards


Shock and Vibration Standards

IEC 61373:2010 ClassⅠ Level A





SANYO Brand. Inverter Compressor, Precision temperature Control. Adopting environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, environmental protection. Lower noise, and more quiet operation. High reliability, long-term reliable operation. High energy efficiency, energy-saving by more than 30%.

2.Supply Air Fan and Condenser Fan

EBM Brand. Have very good hydraulic efficiency and a low noise level and are ideally suited for high pressures. Lower noise, and higher air volume. Expected life time is 15 years.
Note: Rosenberg fans are optional.

3.Heat Exchanger

Local Supplier. Copper tube cover with hydrophilic film aluminum fin. Frame adopts high strength aluminum alloy material and anodic oxidation treatment. Expected life time is 15 years.

4.Electric Expansion Valve

Danfoss Brand. Step motor valve, Providing a more precise temperature control. and consistent superheat control under fluctuating head pressure. Be able to operate at low head pressure during lower ambient air temperature, More energy-efficiency.

5.Refrigerant Accessories

Danfoss Brand. High reliability and durability. Wide range with sizes. Oversize connections provide flexibility in use.
Note: Alco refrigerant accessories is optional.

6.Reversing Valve

Saginomiya Brand. An important element within a heat pump system. Eliminate the need for separate heating and cooling systems, which typically results in lower costs, less maintenance, and improved efficiency.

Outline and Installation Dimensions


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