Service Dealer

Recruit Service Dealers Worldwide

We would like to invite you to be service dealer of and work with SONGZ, by taking chance of SONGZ global market development potential on the full products range of bus air conditioner, electric bus air conditioning system, car air conditioner, rail transit air conditioner, and truck refrigeration units.

SONGZ Global Market Overview

SONGZ started international business since 2003. The bus air conditioning and truck refrigeration units have been exported to more than 30 countries.

SONGZ has been recognized as OEM AC SUPPLIER by 16 overseas bus manufacturers.

Currently more than 30,000 AC units in total exported.

There is a huge demand of service for SONGZ in the international market. We would like to have international service partners to carry out the service activities on behalf of SONGZ. 

Cooperation Process


Benefit of Cooperation with SONGZ

1. Free pre-sales technology and product consultation

2. Free installation guide

3. After - sale accessories sales authorization and preferential prices for accessories

4. Labor remuneration income

5. Training

Basic requirements for Service Dealer

1. Legally registered business organization

2. Sophisticated enterprise management system

3. No less than 50 for business area

4. Repair specialist with electrician & welder certificate

5. service support vehicles

6. Office equipment(computer/laptop/internet etc)

7. Repair tools and equipment - list

Main Responsibilities for Service Partner

1. To deal with customer claim

2. To deal with customer feedback

3. To arrange product service and maintenance

4. To manage the spare parts

Equipment & Tools list


Name of Tools



Budget for Ref.

1 Pressure gauge meter assy 1 set USD 200.00
2 Vacuum pump 1 set USD 300.00
3 Electric leak detector 1 set USD 300.00
4 Nitrogen Device 1 set USD 200.00
5 Temperature monitor 1 set USD 20.00
6 Multimeter 1 set USD 200.00
7 Service kit 1 set USD 150.00
8 Ladder 1 set USD 50.00
9 Staff remuneration 1 person USD 10,000.00
10 Safety device (helmet, safety belt, etc.) 1 set USD 50.00

Equipment & Tools Pics


Pressure Gauge


Temperature Monitor


Meter Ssy




Vacuum Pump


Service Kit


Electric Leak Detector




Nitrogen Device


Safety Device (helmet, safety belt, etc.)

Successful cooperation cases


Service station of jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 4 technicians and 2 service trucks in charge of 6,000 sets AC every year


Service station of Chile, 2 technicians, 2 service trucks for BYD E-BUS SONGZ E-AC  500 units per year.

Service activities